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General English Courses

Glasgow School of English is an English language school in the centre of Glasgow, which is the largest, friendliest and most vibrant city in Scotland.  The school was established in 1997 and was renovated in 2015 to offer comfortable, modern classrooms with improved technology and teaching facilities. The school is located in the very centre of the city, which is ideal for students who want to explore Glasgow’s shops, cafes, museums, and more.  Glasgow School of English is one of our group of three English language schools, all teaching English to international students in Scotland. We would like to help you improve your English, and hope to meet you soon.



About course

You will take a placement test before you start at the school to determine which level you will be placed in. We run classes from beginner-level to advanced-level. Please note that our beginner-level classes assume knowledge of the alphabet, basic reading and writing skills, and basic vocabulary. You will study a balanced mix of skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and systems (grammar, vocabulary, functions and pronunciation), with an emphasis on practical, everyday communication. We carry out weekly tests to make sure that you are progressing and we do regular checks to see if you are meeting your goals. We make our lessons fun, interesting and useful. We give all students the chance to suggest lesson topics, classroom activities and areas of language to study. Your ideas and opinions are important to us! Our General English classes are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their all-round communication skills. Classes focus on the practical needs of both short-term and long-term visitors to the UK. General English can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis. We offer General English classes at 6 levels, from beginner to advanced. You can study from a minimum of one week to one year or more, giving you choice and flexibility. We provide students with the opportunity to improve their all-round language skills in a communicative way. We organise conversations, role-plays, dialogues, presentations and other tasks that allow students to practice all that they have learned. We don’t simply lecture the students to explain important language points, but we encourage the students to work together and cooperate with other classmates to learn. We all learn from each other. Our students’ opinions and ideas are important to us, so our teachers regularly ask for students’ feedback. We want to know how students feel about their lessons, and if there is anything else they would like to do, or anything they would like to do differently, in future classes. We encourage our students to make decisions about what happens in their lessons. It is important to us that our students feel that their English is improving, and that our courses meet their needs. Students are assessed weekly to check their progress, and students are given access to additional online learning material to ensure that their needs and goals are being met.




About accommodation

At Glasgow School of English, we want to make your stay as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We inspect all accommodation to make sure of this. We provide a range of options in Glasgow:

  • Hosted Accommodation (Homestay)-Live with an English-speaking host who will introduce you to Glasgow and allow you to practise your English with the locals. Our hosts are carefully chosen and we have excellent relationships with them all.
  • Liberty Park (formerly Union State)-Liberty Park provides clean, comfortable, modern accommodation at a budget price close to the city centre. It is a modern housing block with 24-hour security. There is a student lounge/games room as well as a student study room and cinema room. Each flat is fully furnished and contains four or five en suite bedrooms.
  • Liberty House-Liberty House provides, clean, comfortable, modern, city-centre accommodation. It is housed in a part original/part modern building with 24-hour security. There are nine en suite bedrooms on every floor with a shared kitchen/living area.

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Date and Fees

This English course starts from any Monday throughout the year and can last from 2 week to 36+ weeks. As an example of 2 weeks program price you can have a look below mentioned calculation.

Fees include:

(Total for 2 weeks: 625 GBP),

  • Accommodation: campus, single room, (312 GBP for 2 weeks),
  • Essential English (15 hours  per week  GBP),
  • Airport transfer on arrival (45 GBP from GIA),
  • School Registration fee,
  • Accommodation Arrangement fee,
  • Final assessment,
  • Educational report,
  • Course materials 25 GBP,