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Stafford House International

Stafford House International is a group of English language schools that offer courses for General, Academic and Professional purposes. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and help our students enjoy our cities, empowering them with confidence, to realize their personal potential. Our schools are located in 10 fantastic American, Canadian and British cities. Each offers a unique way to improve your language and we’d like to invite you on a learning adventure.



About course

We offer an exciting range of General English courses for all levels, from beginner to proficiency, and to suit different budgets. We also offer timetables that give you the flexibility to choose a course that best suits your needs from 1-36+ weeks.

Each week you will be encouraged to consider your own development and suggest areas that will help you develop most quickly. This is what we call a ‘negotiated syllabus’ and your teacher will expect you to comment on the weekly plan which is displayed on the classroom wall. Your teacher will take your suggestions and use them with the syllabus to create lessons for your class that work for you.

  • Flexibility: 

    From Essential and Standard to Intensive and Super Intensive, our range of English language courses offers you a choice on how intensively you want to study.

  • Testing on arrival: On your first day you will take a language assessment, to assess your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and how well you are able to understand and speak English.
  • Monthly Tutorial: Every month you’ll have a one-to-one tutorial with a senior member of the academic team to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals and fulfill your potential. It’s a great opportunity to review your course choices and learning methods and to really make sure you achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Quality Assurance: Our Directors of Studies are based in all of our schools to ensure our programs are of the highest possible quality. Our class sizes are small and that our students leave having gained the maximum from their time with us.

About accommodation

From its beautiful landscapes, countryside, and historic World Heritage Sites, to its vibrant and cosmopolitan cities with the latest trends in music, fashion, sports events and food. England is truly one of the world’s greatest countries. Our four schools are strategically located to introduce you to the best it has to offer. At Stafford House, our job is to make your stay with us as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Date and Fees

This English course starts from any Monday throughout the year and can last from 2 week to 36+ weeks. As an example of 2 weeks program price you can have a look below mentioned calculation.

Fees include:

(Total for 2 weeks: 1185 GBP),

  • Accommodation: Zone 2 homestay, bed and breakfast, single room, (210 GBP per week),
  • Essential English (20 lessons per week 270 GBP),
  • Airport transfer on arrival (105 GBP from Heathrow),
  • School Registration fee: 100 GBP,
  • Accommodation Arrangement fee,
  • Final assessment,
  • Educational report,


All centres:

Essential 20 lessons = 15 hours per week,
Standard 25 lessons = 18.75 hours per week,
Intensive 30 lessons = 22.5 hours per week,
All US centres, London & Toronto:
Super Intensive 35 lessons = 26.25 hours per week
Cambridge & London only:
Essential Flex 20 lessons = 15 hours per week