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IED Summer School

IED Summer school gives students the opportunity to exchange ideas, broaden their knowledge and perception of their discipline through research team participation. The school’s philosophy is to offer the highest level of design education in a way that is inspirational rather than institutional while providing a quality facility in an international atmosphere. Summer programs are designed to build and update practical, professional skills and they allow you to earn university credits while enjoying a study abroad experience and discovering new cultures and places.


About course

The course is an overview of marketing, management and merchandising for the retail fashion industry with an emphasis on the Italian experience. Students will focus on marketing, design and merchandising in a seminar-based course with industry professionals lecturing and sharing their experience in their specific area of expertise. Traditional methodologies and techniques such as brand analysis and management, trend research, as well as distribution, advertising and merchandising will be covered in depth and complimented by visits to showrooms and retail spaces. Students will also complete personal projects on-site in different areas of Milan in order to prepare themselves for their final project and presentation. This program will allow students to understand the creative process in order to carry out specific project goals and will teach them to develop a communication strategy according to the goals and the budget set.

Creative, flexible, open-minded young students or professionals from other fields who want to learn and take on challenges. People who are interested in the world of fashion marketing and have no prior knowledge or experience in the discipline. Applicants need to show strong motivation and the ability to work in groups.


  • Fashion marketing, marketing intelligence, fashion brand management
  • Fashion trends and consumption scenarios:
  • Fashion system
  • Communication and advertising
  • Distribution channels
  • Visual merchandising
  • Sales techniques
  • Digital media marketing
  • Site visits

About accommodation

The Centro Leoni executive complex is the first office building in Italy to be LEED “Core and Shell” certified, achieving the “Silver” level. In Milan, in the immediate vicinity of the Bocconi Campus, Centro Leoni consists of two neighbouring buildings, both 10 floors above ground and 3 below. It extends over a total surface of about 52 thousand square metres, and is the headquarters of a number of multinationals. The laying speed of mixed steel-concrete self-supporting beams together with the standardisation of site operations have resulted in reduced site management costs, and very quick completion of the works. Beams with concrete footing were used for the 3 underground decks coupled with pre-compressed hollow core slabs for a total of 26,000 sqm, and Light Beams for 10 above ground decks coupled with prestressed slabs for 45,800 sqm of deck.

About fees

Fees include:

  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Fashion-marketing immersion courses
  • Site visits
  • Final assesement



  • Day 1 Morning: Orientation, Introduction to the course and the instructor. Review of the course syllabus, instructor and student expectations, concerns and questions.
  • Afternoon: Fashion Marketing & Marketing Intelligence
  • Day 2 Morning: Communication and Advertising
  • Afternoon: Communication and Advertising
  • Day 3 Morning: Brand Management
  • Afternoon: Fashion Marketing & Marketing Intelligence
  • Day 4 Morning: Trends and Sociology
  • Afternoon: Visual Merchandising


  • Day 5 Morning: Distribution Systems
  • Afternoon: Distribution Systems
  • Day 6 Morning: Digital Media Marketing
  • Afternoon: Trends and Sociology – Milan Ground Research
  • Day 7 Morning: Brand Management
  • Afternoon: Fashion Marketing & Marketing Intelligence
  • Day 8 Morning: Digital Media Marketing
  • Afternoon: Fashion System


  • Day 9 Morning: Visual Merchandising – Retail Tour
  • Afternoon: Trends and Sociology
  • Day 10 Morning: Sales Techniques
  • Afternoon:
  • Day 11 Morning: Brand Management
  • Afternoon: Brand Management
  • Day 12 Morning: Visual Merchandising
  • Afternoon: Fashion Marketing & Marketing Intelligence – Final Exam
  • Day 13 Final day: student exhibition and closure ceremony.